Location Scouting in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful place with a diverse choice of locations and sceneries that make it absolutely perfect for film, music videos and photographic shoots. For those looking to shoot a campaign or commercial in South Africa, you may want to look for an expert location scout in South Africa, you need to look no further than Euro Connection to do the location scouting in South Africa for you. Our scouts know all the very best spots in South Africa and they also know of the most secret spots that will give your productions, whether they are photography or commercials, that extra special touch.

Euro Connection Location Scouting in South Africa and beyond!

Here at Euro Connection, we consider Africa our own personal playground especially when it comes to location scouting. We know all the ins and outs of the place and can find you the most perfect locations for your films and TVC shoots. All you need to do is let us know what it is you are looking for and we are off like a shot. Our talented and astute location scouts may even find some unique locations that will work with your concept. We work with location scouts all over Africa, so send us your location brief and will find your perfect location!

Our Promise

When you ask Euro Connection to be your location scout in South Africa, we do not just look for the perfect spots and leave you hanging. That is not the Euro Connection way; instead, we work very closely with producers, directors, and the production designers so we get a complete picture of the ideal aesthetic choices for their locations and we always make sure we provide production logistics. When you look to us for help with your location hunting, we will make sure we keep you updated on every location we find and it doesn’t stop there—we also handle the permits and the fees, and take care of all production logistics.

We know you have very important things you need to do for the production and this is why we also handle the application for permits to shoot and pay the fees so you can focus on what you need to do. Trust us to make your shoot easy and to find you the best locations. We are armed with an extensive list of location databases as well as years of production experience. We promise only the best and that is what we deliver.

Euro Connection knows where it’s at! Our location scout in South Africa and beyond, will ensure you to get the perfect location for your production.